Honoring the Journey of Life With a Care Manager

So many folks are pressing on day to day assisting a loved one. There may be isolation while you are doing your best stomping out fires and yet the day will come. It always does. That time in our life when we are the subject of, or party to, a situation that requires more from us than we think we can handle. When a loved one is on a path in their journey that is becoming more complicated many questions arise. What will this journey look like? How can we make it the best that it can be? How do we know we are on the right path to ensure we get where we want to go without getting lost? In addition to this, we must preserve, protect, and direct, but how?

The journey has been a long time in the making. Making it the best it can be, usually begins with difficult conversations. Knowing how to approach the subject can also be uncomfortable. It’s typically thrust upon us when a health crisis occurs, or when trips to the Doctor or ED become more frequent and when an individual’s decision making capabilities are limited due to their medical situation. Making decisions under intense pressure, typically results in bad decisions. Our loved ones deserve to be honored. They deserve to be protected. They likely need assistance to help direct their care, but how, how does this happen?

It happens with the support of a Care Manager. A Care Manager, provides a service on a consultative basis. This is a highly-seasoned individual with a strong health background. Someone who possesses the right blend of compassion and experience to see a situation from a neutral perspective and assist to identify what’s most important. They provide support with goal setting when someone may not even know where to begin. It’s assistance with determining level of care needs after an acute hospital stay and support with decision making. Many of these decisions, made with the assistance of a Care Manager can alleviate making serious financial mistakes.

While you wouldn’t embark on a cross country road trip without a plan or road map you also should consider having a plan on this journey as well. After all, we want this journey to be done just right. A Care Manager will help to guide the journey by sharing, for instance, the advantages and disadvantages of medical options which can allow us to preserve the dignity of our loved one. Being empowered with unbiased information can protect a loved one from treatments or procedures that they may not want if they really understood the benefit and burden involved.

As studies show, most people don’t share their wishes with family or even discuss them let alone memorialize them with a Living Will or Advanced Directives. This creates a huge problem. If you’re blessed enough to know someone well, you may be able to verbalize those wishes and share them. Being able to articulate them to healthcare personnel in a way they understand may require some finesse. This however, is a language an experienced Care Manager can speak and translate with you.

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