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ElderAgenda offers Medical Problem Solving Services and Solutions to manage the care of your loved one.

When our parents are aging, they commonly develop challenging life and health scenarios that can require the resource of a seasoned professional to develop a plan that minimizes any negative impact.

We identify areas of opportunity, produce new ideas, and develop meaningful and 

effective strategies to maximize independence and quality of life for Seniors.


Our Mission is to focus on what is most important to you. 


We specialize in and are passionate about Dementia and the challenges that it brings.


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A Source of Hope


ElderAgenda exists to serve the issues facing our clients. For some it's a need for oversight or supervision. For others it's the need for a partnership with someone who is an expert in explaining the advantages and disadvantages of your choices and options. 

We provide the service of a Care Manager who can offer a broad range of solutions to help families facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize quality of life for their loved one.



Expert Guidance for Seniors

Applying years of experience,  we can support you with expert guidance and assistance with decision making, whether you're local or long distance.


At ElderAgenda, we combine our insights and knowledge to empower you with meaningful information, in turn, your loved ones can experience improved quality of life.


We’re proud to partner and provide assistance with developing a plan with realistic outcomes. We put a written plan in your hands to guide you. Services range from one time consultation meetings to monthly supervision and oversight.

We are your Geriatric Coach!

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Care Management

Achieve Your Goals for Elder Support

We believe that understanding your options provides you with the tools to make the best decisions. Knowing that you have someone you can trust to offer information will allow you to support your loved one and achieve the outcomes you desire.

As a Care Manager, that's exactly what we do, helping put a plan in place and fine tune options as changes occur. 

We offer services that can be as detailed and comprehensive as you desire.

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Peace of Mind  with a Care Manager

While maintaining independence is a primary goal of most adults, establishing strategies to maintain dignity and safety, in the most appropriate environment, is paramount to positive outcomes.


Whether you're managing your loved one's care LONG DISTANCE or LOCALLY, we can assist with support to ensure the right level of care is maintained.


Support services range from a one time consulting meeting to ongoing monthly visits and monitoring. We will assess wellness at a frequency that you're comfortable with. 

Assemble your team of experts with support provided by a Geriatric Coach!

                                                              Does your family need assistance in developing a plan?

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Solutions for Seniors

About Us

ElderAgenda was founded in 2017, by Kim Driscoll BSN RN, with a single mission: to offer compassionate care and guidance to those approaching a storm. Kim was inspired to develop a platform to support people needing advice, to understand what was coming next when healthcare options were becoming too complicated to figure out alone and partner with them to maximize quality of life. With her unique strategies you will be  equipped with information and knowledge to understand options that lead to the best decisions for your loved ones.


Kim has more than 35 years of Nursing experience with more than 20 years in the Hospice and Palliative Consulting business, and is ready to support you. Do you want to traverse this journey with an experienced traveler? One who's been down this bumpy road many times with successful outcomes? Give us a call today and learn how we can offer support.

Member Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

Member Aging Life Care Association